August 21, Circa 2997,
We set out to investigate the cave that inhabited the trolls we had slaughtered at the gates of Anchordeep. We have found some gold and a medallion that was still attached to the remnants of a rotting corpse. As we were finishing our search Facesmasher alerted us to a dark figure coming down the mountain towards us. First we thought it may have been the culprit in this hole mess, I admit a felt very foolish to accuse a knight of Ilnam of such debauchery. We found that this knight, Súton Vaaler had been sent by his order to investigate the recent deaths in the city. We proceeded to tell him about what had happened up to this point, Makahn, the Genasi mage, and a ritual to bring about the rebirth of Makahn through the descendent’s of Kiddir. What seemed to trouble him most and me as well is how disturbed he was that I have a tome of Neher(Nekhra). He gave me the same advice that Lady Shira Dori did, Destroy it. I feel that this book may be starting to take a dominating presence in the back of my mind. It must be destroyed, and if not it must be contained. He told me that he will have an invitation sent to me from his order, maybe there I will get the answers I need in destroying or sealing this tome away from the world. Until then it will be my burden to bear. He Noticed the Kitari, Liam and the Faolan, Kardesh; he informed them of the current situation in there home lands. Creatures known as the Scath have been swarming into there lands like a black cloud of locusts. This is indeed troubling to the two of them as it is the first that they have heard of any news from there land. I only hope that they are not receiving this information to late.

On our return to town we escorted Súton Vaaler to Lady Shira. We then headed back to the tavern to see where our friend Julias had disappeared to, We were stopped by a maid at the tavern who gave us grave news that Julias had been abducted from the tavern and had been taken to the docks, We informed her to give a message to Súton Vaaler of our whereabouts. We Made it to the docks only to see a large steam ship exiting port, we found that Julias was taken onboard.

While pursuing in our new ship the Sunfury. It is then that the we discovered sounds coming from some cabinets in the hull it was the only remaining member of the original crew of the Sunfury; a feydrake whelp. The creature was scared out of its mind when it first saw us. It flew around the ship frantically searching for its master, before hiding out up in the crows nest. It seems to be taking a liking to us though as I have seen it fallowing us around the boat when it thinks we are not looking.

We quickly picked up on the steam and smoke trial left by the captures ship, I made the mistake of getting to close and was fired upon, I’m convinced they were working for Oldrek Emberpike. We fallowed their smoke trail from a distance and out of sight to some islands in the open oceans of the Northeast Sea. We hid our ship in the cove of another island and used the long boat to approach unseen. Liam took out the watchman who let out a scream before he could be silenced,it didn’t seem to have alerted anyone though. Liam, Kardesh, and the drunken dwarf who surprisingly was the quietest of the three sneaked aboard the ship, after a small skirmish with the remaining crew on board they set the ship ablaze, at wish time we were spotted by someone in the caves.

Upon entry into the cave Liam sneaked around to get an idea of what was happening, he reported that he saw what looked to be Julius’s body shackled to the cave wall yet he says he cannot smell any sign of death or decay that he is seeing. We pressed in, a fierce battle ensued as we fought with dwarf rogues, fighters, and a wizard. The poor drunken dwarf managed to charge right into the clutching teeth of a Dire Crocodile only to reverse the rolls and not only grab but pin and drag the thing into one of the dwarfs. As the battle raged on we noticed our new friend from the Sunfury was with us, he has seemed to have a drastic effect on our moral when he was close I could feel renewed strength even after taking the mightiest of blows that might crush another’s morale. It was a fierce battle leaving us with wounds that will most likely leave scars for tales to be told in warm taverns. I find that Liam was mistaken about the condition of Julius though as he doesn’t seem to be wounded at all. We find a letter ordering these Dwarves to capture me, and if not me the first mate of the crew, they were then to bring one of us here to await another ship to transfer us to Oldrek Emberpike as one of his prisoners, Seeing how he treated his last prisoners I am glad that it did not get that far.

The Dwarf Facesmasher has agreed to stay on board as part of the crew, to protect it from foes that might try to board while we are away. I’m going to have to start loading this ship with ale, rum, whatever else that dwarf seems to drink, and from the look of it is anything…

From the Log of Denson Jiles

Awarded level 8, 11, and 12 magic items.



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