While making our way back into port Ayel noticed a familiar dwarven face on a fishing vessel heading out to sea. He informed me that he has just seen Nadrug Steel the dwarf we thought had died in our encounter into the Hall of Kings. I gave the order to come about and we soon caught up to his ship. I called out to the captain to stop his ship, and that we had business with one of his crew men. After a few exchanged words he agreed to let us search his ship. The ships captain refuted having any knowledge of any crewman by the name of Nadrug Steel, Ayel informed me that he had seen him hiding behind the captains quarters. The captain fetched him and drug him out by his collar. He asked if there was a bounty on his head, we told him not to worry about him, paid him 6 gold pieces of ancient dwarven gold for the loss of his crewman and sent him on his way.

We dragged Nadrug below deck and began to interrogate him about how he had managed to escape while my crew had been slaughtered. He said the he had seen the fish men crawlign all over the boat and had run away in fear of his own life. I drew my sword pricked his finger open and rubbed his blood in my hand asking if he knew how valuable his blood was these days. The dwarfs face had drained in color at this point. He asked me who I was working for and how did I know so much. I let him know that i wouldn’t be doing my job very well if I didn’t know this information. I also let him know that I was not working for Oldrek. A small sense of reliefe cam across the dwarfs face, and he let me know that it was not safe to speak his name, not anymore. I asked if this had something to do with Bifoe Steel’s disappearance, again the dwarf looked shocked.

He then began to tell me that some time ago he and his uncle Bifoe had been captured. He was taken to a camp of Goblins where a Goblin warlord named Gazash carried with him a bag of bones and a massive sword, and had been giving orders to the other goblins. He remarked that it was odd that the goblin warlord was walking strangely, standing up taller, and speaking in an old dialect of dwarven sometimes. I informed him that the goblin warlord was most likely being possessed by the Spirit of Mekahn. He told me that Bifoe had helped him escape and let him know that he was more important as his blood was closer to Kahdir’s than he was. He had tried to help him but the guard was coming back and Bifoe demanded that he leave him.

I let Nadrug know that he was welcome to stay on my ship, as long as he made himself useful. While we were coming back up to the desk I noticed that we were now surrounded by ships 2 massive juggernauts the bore the flag of the Darzok, Oldrek’s men. I turned to my party members and told them to stowaway Nedrug in a one of the hidden compartments. Surrounded by mercenary ships and Oldrek’s finest I gave the order to stand down. A swarm of dwarfs then began to cascade onto my ship armed to the teeth and ready for a fight. I remarked to the dwarf that looked like he was in charge that it only took 3 fleets to capture me. Anger stir in his eyes as he told me “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Curiosity was killing me then so I had to ask “whats the hard way.” He began to tell me that we would fight in vain and be defeated and dragged on board. I let him know that would be stupid. Oldrek would probably not be pleased that you damaged or even killed the people had had spent so much time and money on trying to track down. He stopped in his words and asked “so your going to do this the easy way?” I told my men to drop their weapons. we were then dragged on board one of the juggernauts.

The dwarf asked about any dwarfs on our ship and I lied about Nadrug. The dwarf seems to believe me. I then remarked how low and shameful it must be to be working with goblins. The dwarfs eyes flickered with anger as he slapped me across the face. All I could do was laugh at him to show my resolve on how things were going to turn out in my favor. He also asked about a book and that Gazash says that he thinks I have it in my possession. I told him to fetch this Gazash or did he mean Mekahn? He gave a look like as if he didn’t know what I was talking about. I was then taken with my crew to the brig where we thrown into one of the cells. Gazash then came walking in and began to ask me about the book. I greeted him as Gazash but then asked or is this Mekahn, his eyes flickerd a white and his neck twiched, his voice changed slightly and asked about the book again. I told him that I had given the book to a Soul Knight, SĂșton Vaaler and that he had taken it to be destroyed, at this point Mehkan took for possession of the Goblin Warlord and began to scream at me in anger. I asked if he missed the words of Neher tucking him in at night. Enraged he ordered the truth to be tortured out of me. I was tortured on 3 separate occasions. Not once did I break, the secret of the book and Nadrug safely locked inside my mind. From the anger that I heard above deck I can only assume that Mekahn is sure that I gave the book to the Soul Knights to be destroyed.

After a few days we arrived at the Island of the Darzok a prison fortress and the base of operations for Oldrek Emberpike. We were led in to a familiar looking cell and shackled to the wall. Olrek then came in and let us know just how displeased he was with what we have done. He had warned us with a demonstration of what would happen if we went back on our word. I was concerned on the survival of my crew especially my good friend Julius as I knew what was coming for us, all i could think about was my earlier time in life and being tortured by my former order for my unwillingness to conform to there way of thinking. He stripped our shirts and grabbed his whip and began to lash us across the chest. After he was satisfied he then left, and our wounds were tended to. We were fed well, it was clear he wanted to keep us around for a long time just so that he could do this to us when he felt like it. The next day he decided to show mercy and let one of us go, he grabbed Julius and let us know that he would be dumped in a nearby village and that he would live. He caught me however looking into Julius’ eyes. He felt that it would be improper to not leave me a parting gift he then cut off one of Julius’ ears and stuffed it in my pocket. An Elf with thick glasses and an odd machine walked in, he then yelled at a couple dwarfs as they started cranking up the machine, it began to spark and hiss. He then pulled out some copper rods from the machine and began to press them to our chests, it felt like i was being stuck by lightning, it wasn’t long before we were broken. My men were begging for mercy, I remained silent I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of begging for my life. Again we were bandaged and fed.

The next day he threw our Armor in at us and let us know that he had a change of heart. We were then led to a small cage and we were hoisted up into a gladiators arena. A massive 50 foot tall dome covered the Arena. Oldrek then began to announce that he had a change of heart for his morning appointments and that he would be giving us to his pet to play with. at that point the door behind us began to shake and thunder, the crowd was laughing and yelling in excitement for the coming show. A barrier with viewing slots then rose around the seats of Oldrek and his honored guests, I took a shield and sword from the weapon wrack and readied myself for what was going to come through the other door. I asked the name of the female orc that had been forced into fighting along side us. She replied that she did not know her name. The Door began to raise upwards and the claws and the head of a green forest dragon began to press through the door. I readied for the comming attack but was surprised when i saw it fly over us and latch onto the shielded wall where Oldrek was. The dragon let loose its breath green gaseous flames smothered the shiled as sharp pikes began to poke out through the view slots forcing the dragon to unlatch and drop to the ground. It then set its sights on us.

I spoke to it in its native language trying to convince it that we were not its enemy and that we had the same goal, the death of Oldrek. She responded “Your in my way.” and began to fly at the rogue snapping at me as she went by. I did my best to try to hold the dragon’s attention trying to convince her yet again that together we could defeat Oldrek and be free of this place. She lashed out at me and flew back unleashing poison on us, slowed by the toxin swimming in my veins I charged her and again tried to reason with her. She told me to prove my resolve. Ayel and Aeromethies had been working on the chains that held the shield up. I backed away from the dragon and told my companions to focus on the chains, shortly after those words left my mouth a crash of thunder hit the left chain and shattered one of the links half the shield to drop. The dragon then jumped into the air and flew directly to new found entry point and again unleashed her breathe onto Oldrek and his horrified guests of honor. Deathly screams filled the booth, the crowd roared with excitement in this twist. We then began scrambling up the chains into the booth with the Dragon, I released the other chain so that the spectators could get a better view, as i announced to the crowd the final mins of Oldrek’s life. The Dragon pushed Oldrek back into the wall, Olrdrek began to scream like a little girl as be begged for his life. We dispatched his two body guards, and the dragon let us know that in the room behind her was a wheel that would release the door so she could get free. I told her as you wish my lady and ran to the wheel. She then bit down hard onto Oldrek and ripped his head off his shoulders we wrenched the wheel opening the door she flew towards her escape spraying the crowed with poison one last time before disappearing with Oldrek’s head clinched between her teeth. We unloaded barrels of Oldreks finest ales and spirits to the roaring crowd and made our way to the armory.

I pushed my way through a crowd of mercenaries and pirates to find three guards still loyal to Oldrek blocking the way. I let the people know that this was only the armory and that the vaults were being sacked as we spoke. Half the men ran off to search for the riches. The orc snuck behind the guard and took his key in the confusion. He opened the door which caused one of the guards to turn around I stuck him int he back of the neck with my sword knocking him unconscious. the other two backed away realizing there life’s were not work it. We pushed are way into the vault. Where Ayel and Aeromethies threatend them with death by fire and thunder if they didn’t leave scared they took what they had in there hands and left.

We grabbed our weapons and loaded up three karts of gear and goodies. and made our way to the docks. we saw a horde of goblins escorting a silver haired dwarf to the dungeons we made our resolve to go after him sending our crew, Grim Facemasher, and the dragon born back to the ship with our goods and make ready our departure.

From the Captains log of Denson Jiles



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