Flight and Fight

The party discovers the entry hall to the tombs and passes through the west door. Beyond are smaller lobbies to family crypts. The west hall is dominated by a large hole in the floor of the ruins that drop to the sea below. Harpies that were nesting there after a recent raid on trading vessels attack the party. The encounter is horribly one-sided as the harpies’ songs control the fight. Eventually the harpies are defeated but not before Densen is almost lost to the gaping pit. Aeromethies, a sorcerer, had been a captive of the harpies; being taken from a merchant ship by the harpies. He is freed during the fight and assists the party in the battle and decides to join the group as it seems to be the best way to stay alive.

The party notices that a figure at the end of the hall had been watching the fight. It is the same figure that loosed a frost elemental on them earlier. The party pursues and come to the door to the crypt of the Light Forge family itself and learn that Kiddir’s final resting place is within.

Julius bests the crypt’s lock and they open the doors to be met by skeleton warriors that are dispatched with a single spell from the sorcerer. They find the tomb of Kiddir and make to enter but the genasi mage carrying a large tome and a bag of bones, opens a fight with a devastating storm spell. He flees but is intercepted by the rogue, wizard, and sorcerer. It becomes clear that the mage is possessed by another being that channels even more power. The tome chained about him seems to have immense power and seems to call power of its own will. Khardesh moves to engage him with his spirit wolf but is nearly slain by the swordmage’s rain of attacks.

Multiple tactics are employed to keep the mage from escaping including a wall of growth that slows the mage considerably. He nearly escapes down a secret tunnel but is followed in the shadows by the Kitari Assassin. Some of the others catch up and the mage is knocked to the ground. In a final effort to escape, the tome unleashes a veil of shadow under which the mage can escape. However, the assassin, Liam, not being a stranger to the realm of shadow, beholds the spirit possessing the mage and it appears to be a dwarf of a very broad stature. Liams runs the being through with his blade. As the shadows subside, the ruined body of the mage is seen to be surrounded by a teleportation circle and he vanishes. Ayel identifies the spell as a short-range summoning and the party knows that the mage must still be near.

The group returns to the tomb of Kiddir and there they find the Runes of Nyne placed in the lid of Kiddir’s sarcophagus. Someone had tried to pry the artifact away but Aeromethies was able to lift it from its place with no more effort than lifting a small table. Also the party discovered that someone, probably the mage, had made rubbings of the etched pedigree charts on the walls of the Lightforge tombs. Only the most recent additions were copied.

Also, a torn journal was found in the tomb. It was dropped by the mage most likely and it belonged to one Elzan-Ki. The journal records the works and thoughts of a genasi mage who is tormented by a possessing spirit. He no longer can discern his own thoughts from the spirit’s. The journal lays out in brief, a ritual whose preface reads:

Spirit unrested, bones of the fallen,
Will of the servant bound.
Relics in death, blood of the enemy,
Word of the Unholy found.

Spirit renewed to bones of the fallen,
Life of the servant forsaken.
With relics be bathed in the blood of the enemy,
Bliss unlife can ne’er be taken.



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