Goblin Ambush

The group gets an uneasy rest in the tombs. They backtrack to the entry hall of the tombs and go through the South door. There on the floor in a small hall is the body of Elzan-Ki. A detachment of goblins was waiting for them and ambushes them.

Lead by a captain and supported by archers and a spellcaster, the goblins skirmish with the heroes but the group overpowers them in the end with the goblin survivors fleeing.

Elzan-Ki’s body is missing his sword, chained tome, and bag of bones. However, Densen finds the tome in the backpack of the goblin captain. The group examines the tome whose cover is marked with the symbol of a legendary evil; Neher, whose name is spoken of only in whispers and who the majority refer to as Nekrah, but only regarding him as a Bard’s tale.

The tome only reacts to the paladin’s touch. Densen takes the tome a ways off from the group and opens the tome. It speaks many things to him and grants him knowledge.



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