I find myself walking on the sea feeling only bliss, a brief feeling as if I am supposed to be elsewhere but that thought disappears from my mind like the heat of your breath on a cold morning. I am meant to be here, I can feel it through to the very core of my being, but why? I look around I see nothing but dark blue water as far as the eye can see.

I hear a Deep Bold voice echo into my mind, " Denson Jiles do you remember when last we spoke?" My mind feels cloudy now flashes pass through memory almost as if the voice is flipping through it like an old dusty book. I remember now, “I accept my fate my lord, I only ask..” I pause for the right words my memories still swimming through my head. He answers knowingly “I am not sure how your companions will fare, two are cursed on the fringes of the wild, another’s mind has been shattered, one dead and another lost beyond my vision. Only one still has his mind intact but I cannot see what awaits him.” The voice pauses, I hear foot prints on the water near me I turn to see Korhren hooded his face shrouded his arms are bare.

“Denson you look worried, there is still a plan I will not allow things to end so darkly, there are others that have been moved into play. Come now, you served me well in life let bliss wash over you, be cleansed of these thoughts. I have another in mind who should be able to finish the task at hand, it is risky because of what he is, but he shall do the trick I think.” I feel the calm of the ocean wash over me bliss claims me once more and I am soothed by my Korhren’s welcoming words to the hereafter.



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