Densen, Aero, Ayel, and their new orc ally descend into the dungeons of Darzok Keep. They encounter a party of goblin men and an ogre guarding a prison door. The goblins and their ogre are dispatched.
The heroes then open the guarded door and see a resurrection ritual being performed beyond a locked cell door. The bleeding body of Bifo Steel lays upon an altar with a cauldron catching the seeping blood. Cloaked figures assist in an encantation as a body writhes within the cauldron. An unholy blight pours into the room the heroes stand in. The slain goblins and ogre return as animated corpses. In addition, the remains of long-dead prisoners are animated into a throng of zombies.
The fight is long and looks to not bode well for the group. Both Densen and the orc rogue are slain. With just a few enemies remaining, Ayel is able to disrupt the ritual while Aero holds off the claws of undeath with the last of his strength.
Makhan is banished and may never return so long as the blood of Kiddir remains in the world. The bodies of the dead heroes are returned to the Sunfury and the group departs the chaos that is now Darzok Keep.



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