The one called Ai

They came to the monastery as a last request of their captain bringing something along that is causing more talk and worry since the day I arrived. I explained my purpose to Jeuleth and she understood what needed to be done. I was granted status and knighthood in the order.

They buried their captain in the graveyard reserved for the fallen knights, a great honor from what I’m told. Watching from a distance I knew these were the ones I had been waiting for. I talked to Jeuleth she gave me one final thing that sealed me into the order, my mask. She explained that she understood why she needed to send me but was worried about being found out for what I really was.

I begin to travel with them, they seem much quieter a group than I thought they would be. They both seem to be deep in thought constantly, and then theres that book they carry with them. I wonder if its tried speaking to them yet, it is a terrible evil that these men have been forced to carry with them. I know not what it would do to something like me.

The journey to the wild lands has brought us to a fishing village, Pagl,where a man was kind enough to give us provisions and Tunluns, which looked like big woolly goats, to take us to Tachlerlin. After a few days of quiet travel we arrived at desolate village named Shethen. It seemed to be abandoned dinner was still on the tables in some of the houses. Something caused them to leave in a hurry. As we make way to press on we are stopped by a check point of guards they check our eyes and become very spooked when they look under my hood into mine, after some talking I let them know that I am an Ilnam knight and that i have been sent by my order to investigate. We talk more and find a lieutenant that recognizes the order, we are given a letter of mark and granted access into the City.

When we arrive at Tachlerlin we are gain checked by the guards, Aeromethies finds Liam Shadowind and Khardesh. We tell them what has happened, they try to tell us but they say something muffled and begin to vomit maggots onto the floor. It would seem they have been affected by a dire curse. They can tell us very little but want us to fallow them back into the wild. I agree as it seems the only way to pursue my investigations. He tells me of an Item that he will need a the Spine of Twilight I agree to help him steel it. We then make our way twords the Den of a Creature named Ai. With the help of a sword mage named Baelyth a long-time friend of Aeromethies and a goliath cleric named Saavu. Still very little questions from these men about me, they were talked about as a much different group then what I am seeing here.

Liam Explains as much as he can about him without causing his curse to be invoked. We have strayed from the path to Ai and are interrupted by one of the Keepers a large Treant named Timberfoot. He explains that he cannot allow us to come into the depths of the forest, and that if we are here to kill the creature Ai then it would be best for us to turn around. We learn that Ai has been alive for a very long time, his mind is a font of knowledge and that his death would be a great loss.

He leaves us with a bit of info thought that Ai would do anything to keep himself alive. We move along the edge of the forest until we find his lair. A battle ensues the creature steals faces thoughts and memories, though we do gain some knowledge from him it pales in comparison to what he learns when he steals our faces. After a long battle we beat Ai into submission he tells us his secrets and who his master is a Demon God named Irioun I will meditate on this for answers.



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