Nadrug Steel

Resident blacksmith of the Halls of the Kings of Karak Gamaz (now a ruin).


A relatively old dwarf with short, charcoal grey hair and a medium-length braided, heat-singed beard that he wears tucked in his smith’s apron. His arms and face bear reddened skin from years of work in front of a forge. He is rarely seen without his apron on.


Nadgrug is a 62-year-old dwarf blacksmith with the noble position of Tombsmith of the Hall of Kings in which he has served for 34 years. He has wrought the sepulchers in which the noble and royalty are entombed in the Halls of the Kings. He is a widower of 34 years and has no children.

Recent events: Fall of Karak Gamaz
Earthquake killed 5 men and marooned the rest on the plateau that was now Karak Gamaz. They placed their dead comrades in coffins and set them in the tombs. 3 days later a Genasi mage came with a band of goblin men. There was a fight. Most of the goblin men were killed but the dwarves were slain in the end and Nadrug was left unconscious. The guard captain was tortured until he gave up the location of the Tomb of Mekahn Ol-Dum (the destroyer) to the mage.
Nadrug awoke to a friend’s corpse being eaten by the animated body of another. He fled to the forge room and was bunkered there until rescued by the PCs.

Nadrug Steel

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