Denson Jiles (deceased)

Human Paladin


Denson Jiles, level 8
Human, Paladin
Build: Virtuous Paladin
Background: Human – Ancestral Holdings (+2 to Diplomacy)

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 22.

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 18.

AC: 27 Fort: 16 Reflex: 18 Will: 22
HP: 73 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 18

Endurance +5, Religion +8, History +8, Intimidate +15, Diplomacy +22

Acrobatics, Arcana +3, Bluff +10, Dungeoneering +7, Heal +7, Insight +7, Nature +7, Perception +7, Stealth, Streetwise +10, Thievery, Athletics

Human: Mark of Scribing
Level 1: Toughness
Level 2: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 4: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Level 6: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Level 8: Devoted Paladin

Bonus At-Will Power: Enfeebling Strike
Lay on Hands: Lay on Hands
Paladin at-will 1: Bolstering Strike
Paladin at-will 1: Virtuous Strike
Paladin encounter 1: Fearsome Smite
Paladin daily 1: Majestic Halo
Paladin utility 2: Bless Weapon
Paladin encounter 3: Invigorating Smite
Paladin daily 5: Sign of Vulnerability
Paladin utility 6: Wrath of the Gods
Paladin encounter 7: Blade of Light

Bloodiron Layered Plate Armor +2, Vicious Broadsword +2, Shield of Silver Light Heavy Shield (heroic tier)

Denson Jiles was sent to be cared for by Clerics and Paladins of Bahamut at a very young age. He was trained with strict instructions to be a champion of the light, and the scourge to all things evil. As he learned more as he went on, he began to come to one conclusion, everything dies. When he asked his instructors about what he had been thinking all he received was a quick back hand fallowed by a trip to the Grand Inquisitors Cells for further learning. The more they tried to force their doctrine on him the more he was resolute on just how right he was about death. He began to see the Inquisitors as evil men, they would lock people up and give them a slow painful death of torture, starvation, and some of the most cruel devices ever invented by men. It had seemed that Denson was becoming less like his brothers and sisters in the academy everyday. He would speak out during lessons, raise questions that would dare not be asked of some of the most devoted paladins and clerics. Each time he asked his questions about Good vs Evil or spoke out on Death being the only thing that was an absolute. He was thrown into the cells for weeks and months at a time where the Grand Inquisitor forced him to change his mind. When he was young it was just a simple lecture and a tour of the Cells to look at the sinners when he asked a question. Now all he knew of this god called Bahamut was the suffering and pain of those that didn’t agree with his followers and the fear of death that all these Paladins and Clerics shared. When he was 18 Denson thought he would finally be free of these narrow minded fools, he thought he would be granted paladin status, although top of his class in all things that he did they felt he would be to great a risk to ever walk past the walls of the Academy. They told him that he had failed his trials and that he would need to retake the trials next year if he hoped to become one of the chosen a wielder of light. He told his instructors that they were insane to deny him status he began to scream about what was wrong in all the teachings that they had given him about how everything was black and white, about how torture and Denial of a swift death was the true evil he had come to know, at this point two paladins began to restrain him, the High Paladin unsheathed his sword and spoke, “Denson Jiles what you speak of is heresy. For that I have no choice but to Send you to the grand inquisitor at which point you will be detained. He will then decide on what punishment for your deeds this day.” Denson began to struggle he broke free and drew on of the paladins swords and in a rage decapitated the Paladin that was standing next to him, blood shot out onto him he turned only in time to a large war hammer crush firmly into his face, and then only darkness… He dreamed what seemed like a hundred years wondering this desolate landscape he came upon a river as black as midnight and a man in a boat hooded his face veiled. When he tried to talk to him though he was interrupted, “Denson Jiles it is not your time to cross this river, you have many deeds and a great number of things to do before I take you to the land beyond. You are to become a ‘Champion of Death’. The world you live in is plagued with men who fear death, you must be the one the brings about an era of tranquility, in time they will learn this absolute regardless of who they are or what they believe. The worst of these creatures are those that create ‘Undeath’ they must be stopped at all costs to deny a man his final trip to the land beyond is a sin that cannot be allowed to pass. I have chosen you Denson because you do not fear death you have come to terms that it is an absolute and you did this on your own. I send you back now your fate is sealed you will know what must be done.” He Turned and found a wide eyed man staring up at Denson, He recognized this man. He was smiling with tears in his eyes, he spoke only two words “thank you.” He then felt Icy hands grasp him as he was pulled away, as if he was being dragged down a very long dark hallway. It was that moment he realized who the man was and known now that he had been fallowing Denson the entire time, he had safely led this man to the river to be ferried tot he land beyond, it was the paladin he had killed before this dream had happened. He woke up to shouts and screams and dried blood on his face. But each time he blinked or closed his eyes he could only see the Hooded man and the words he spoke Echoing in his mind. He blinked again and saw a man standing over him, covered in rags with scars across his face and limbs. Nervously he spoke “Yous awake, when they broughts yous in here I thoughts yous would never open those eyes again, yous must have done somethin to really piss them off. Theys had Clerics in and out of here everydays for the past month making sure yous is still alive…”

Denson was startled “A month???”
“Yeah theys said yous betta not die yet theys had plans for yous. Course don’t really see how that matters theys end up killin ya anyways. The bastads cant even make it a quick death eitha”
Denson remembered what had happened and knew exactly where he was, he had spent far to much time down here he knew the entire layout, just by glancing around he knew exactly which cell he was in.
“Look here comes anoda poor sod denied death, poor bastad. Whats the matter yous cowads cant off em proppa?” the man said.
“Shut up half breed well be coming for you soon enough.” The guard shouted.
“Well den comon get off ya arses and show me how its done.”
The look of fear gripped the Guards faces as the scuttled off dragging their prisoner. Densons eyes focused in the light a little bit more and relized what the guards ment by half breed. A massive 7’ tall Half orc missing one eye was standing next to Denson. He had only heard rumors of such men to see one was another story. “Ere” The half orc said, “Eat up dont want to give thems the easy ways out do ya?” Denson was shocked he ate quickly not caring what it was he might have been eating, food was food at this point and his stomach didn’t care.

It was after his belly felt slightly less empty that he asked the half orc what he was in for, Denson learned that he had come into town one he was a body guard for a merchants caravan. Its hard for people to not see the 7 foot tall man with greenish skin and tusks protruding from his mouth. They had jumped him during the night he had killed 4 of the men before he was overpowered and brought hear, shortly after Denson was thrown into the cell blood pooring out of his face, from that alone he liked Denson he knew he had fought his captors to break free the blood from another man was proof of that. The half orc looked after him after all would you want to mess with a guy that massive in such an enclosed space? It took 10 guards just to pull him out of the cell and do god knows what to him each week you couldnt tell due to the guys unatural regeneration, and the things they did to Denson were unspeakable he never screamed though week after week they tortured him within an inch of his life and threw him back into his Cell with the Half Orc.

Denson grew to be a friend of Grok Magal he found that he shared the same beliefs as Denson. Denson told him about his life and his child hood before being sent here of his parents and his home land after 3 months of torture they decided they had had enough with this place. They amount of guards they were using to pull grok from the cell was a joke if they knew what he was capable of. 4 guards came that day to pull him out of the cell, Denson had pressed himself up to the the cieling the orc had gone to the back of the cell to face the wall, the guards walked in and started to place the irons on him when Denson jumped downs landing firmly on one of the guards the orc turned and grabbed the guards by the skulls cracking them together the last guard was stunned as he realized a sword was now protruding through his chest, and Denson whispering “I grant you release from this life.” in his ear. Armed with the gear of the guards they made there way to where they kept the gear of anyone that was ever locked up in here. Killing the guards they took the keys, and plundered the small horde of armors and weapons. Denson Came across a set of layered Plate and a shield that bore silvery light when held, as well as a long sword that seemed like it wanted to find the nearest heart and plunge its razor sharp saw like teeth into. Grok soon found his own gear as well as a two handed Axe that he had sworn called to him, rightly so I don’t think any normal man could have wielded that thing.

Denson explained that there was an area in here that accessed the river that flowed out from under ground and flowed out near the edge of the city. The downside of coarse is that the Grand Inquisitor and his best men were also stationed between them and their escape. Upon seeing the Grand inquisitor Grok went into a Murderous Rage and charged hacking through 4 men like butter before his Axe met resistance of the Grand inquisitor. He sent his men after Denson as he fought Grok. With his shield and sword in hand he charged into the fray his eyes glowing white along with his sword. He found with great ease his sword would plunged and find the kill point of the men that he encountered. He soon flanked the Inquisitor and pulled his attention away from Grok just long enough for him to strike the killing blow. They gathered enough riches they could find in the inquisitors office and made there way to the secret door. They removed any evidence that they might have been there closed the door and covered there tracks stepped into the water and were swept down stream and into history as the first men to ever escape from that prison but also vanish into thin air.

They arrived at the outskirts of the city, soaked and tired from the trip down stream. the guards asked what had happened Denson replied with that silver tongue of his that they were guards to a band of merchants, some wolves had spooked the horses into riding the wagon right into the stream, we had jumped in to save our employer but the river had already claimed them by the time we had reached the spot they fell in. The cover of Darkness on this moonless night made it impossible to retrieve them. The guards let them pass wishing better fortunes on the days ahead. Grok was stunned that that had worked so easily. We soon found ourselves at a tavern at near the docks looking for work as we dried out near the fire. It wasn’t long before we were picked up by a merchant who was seeking protection while he sailed from port to port. Denson took on quick to the life at sea, Grok always praised the gods each time he got to feel sturdy ground beneath his feet, after a couple years Grok had enough of the sailors life, he didn’t mind the ale and winches at each port it was the weeks at sea that made him sick. They came to a port that he knew well it seemed said he was going to check up on an old friend after finally convincing the captain it was for the best. Denson found out later when he had come back to port a year later that he had married and had a son he would stop in each time he docked at enjoy the company of his old friend though now just a simple farmer he still had that massive Axe above his fireplace. They would talk of old times and the escape they made. Denson let him know that he was to be getting his own ship soon it was being built by half-lings and that it would be ready the next time he sailed to their port. He knew of coarse that Grok would never set foot on a boat again but it was nice to be able to sail under his own terms.

Denson became a privateer plundering riches from the enemies country that he might be signed with at the time. Soon after he began gathering a party well suited for boarding an enemy ship. Thats when he met a Curious Creature that could change shapes as long as it had the same relative mass. As you can imagine this came in quite handy For Denson. Denson kept Julius’ secret as more members started to join, it wasn’t long that he heard that there was a dwarf looking for him and his party to help him look for some forgotten Relic, the price was right so they went and heard him out. It was only after that meeting they realized that they wouldn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Denson Jiles (deceased)

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