Elzan-Ki (deceased)

Genasi swordmage and disciple of Neher


Elzan-Ki is a tall, broad, watersoul genasi. His sea-blue hair ripples upward atop his crown. He wears genasi-wrought chain armor and bears the enchanted blade of a swordmage. His flesh bears the primal markings of his element; thin blue lighted lines trace meaningful patterns across his skin. He carries his life’s work with a tome in a satchel at his side.


Initially he was very intrigued with the nature of his progenitors. Later he was consumed by the subject and finally he sought out and claimed an artifact left behind by one of the primordials. It was a ritual book written by Neher himself. Elzan has used the rituals of Neher to animate corpses.
Elzan-Ki planned to locate Neher’s prison and commune with him. He made himself a warlord of sorts amongst the goblins that dwell in the depths beneath Karak Gamaz. He used the goblin labyrinths to search for Neher’s prison. Eventually he discovered the excavations of Mekahn and found his bones upon the floor of the deep. Mekahn’s spirit contacted him and taught him many dark secrets. Elzan gathered up the bones of Mekahn and carried them in a holding bag on his person so that the spirit could more easily contact him. The spirit taught him a ritual that could excavate large sections of earth and indicated where to perform the magic. For 8 years Elzan-Ki traveled with the spirit, performing the excavation rite throughout the underdark beneath Karak Gamaz. He recruited goblin mages to perform the ritual in specified locations and so his work was multiplied.
Eventually, the spirit of Mekahn had such a hold over Elzan-Ki that he possessed the genasi’s body. The change was slow and subtle and so Elzan has not yet realized his loss.
One fateful day, the spirit of Mekahn performed the ritual that triggered the excavation rituals all simultaneously and the great nation of the Lightforge fell into sea taking with it much of the goblin labyrinth below.
Mekhan’s plan was to execute vengeance upon Kiddir and the Lightforge and then locate Neher’s prison after he had full control over Elzan’s body. Mekahn needs only his armor, his weapon, and a the blood of Kiddir for a ritual that will complete his return to mortality.

Elzan-Ki (deceased)

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