Korhren is the master of waters and patron of departed souls. It is presumed that he is one of the Primarchs. He is revered among many civilizations that are built upon the shores of the oceans. Most mariners swear by his name and many rumors and legends have evolved over the centuries surrounding Korhren’s nature and purpose.

Those who have seen Korhren describe him as a humanoid male garbed from the waist down in midnight blue cloth that ripples about him as the waters of the sea. His chest and arms are bare revealing pale blue skin but his head is hooded with a deep blue cowl, always hiding his face save for his eyes that shine like moonlight across the water. Others have claimed to behold him in his wrath, clad with glorious silver armor about his loins and shoulders, the crown of the ocean over his cowl, and armed with a great silver spear. However most sightings of Korhren describe him as a great orka; midnight blue, with markings over his eyes that resemble moons.

The rare few who claim near-death experiences tell a tale of seeing the pale, hooded figure of Korhren approaching through the mist and taking them by the hand and leading them peacefully; walking atop the waters of the sea through jagged reefs and dark mists toward an island of light.

Ancient record indicates that after an event known as the Silent Passing, the patron of parted souls, Neher, forsook his honor and turned upon Yllith and creation, defiling the veil between the living and the dead. He created an army that was terrible to behold and whose soldiers could not be slain. Korhren and the Guardian Shilldraxtra buried Neher’s army in a sea of ice and hunted Neher down. Finally, he was captured by the two companions. In this time, Korhren and Shilldraxtra had fallen in love. Yllith then gave unto Korhren the charge that was forsaken by Neher: to guide the souls of the departed to their next estate and to watch over them. With the Binding of the Fallen, the Guardians were set in the heavens. It is rumored that Shilldraxtra sleeps upon the moon Éstel and it is for this cause that the tides rise and fall. For Korhren rides the waves of the ocean following Shilldraxtra’s resting place across the sky because he misses her more than mortals can comprehend; and the tide follows him.


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