The Wild

Located in the center of the continent of Evoraen, the Wild stands as the oldest and darkest wood known to mortals. Very little is known about the goings on in the depths of the Wild or what lurks just beyond the edge of the ominous trees as very few who venture farther than the borders of the forest ever return.

The Wood Elves and the feline Kitari live near the edges of the Wild. Some of their numbers have witnessed some of the fearsome mysteries of the wood. Some druids also may have a tale to tell; the few members of their order are required to walk the edge of the Wild as a rite of passage.

Of the stories that have come from these, most tell of beasts of unknown origins and of trees that can speak and walk. Those have who stepped into the Wild and have returned bear scars marking their trespass.

Some legends portray the Wild as the epicenter of life upon Illithien and that is the reason the creatures therein are filled with pure primal instinct. Other legends place the Wild in role of a hedge or wall protecting some great power within. Most legends speak of the Watchers, who are an order of Elders that keep the Wild contained in the Wild and are some sort of lords having power over the wood.

The Wild

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