Into the Wild

Wild, Kitari, Shadow-Realm, Displacer-Beasts, Scath, Ai, Mimic, Hag.

Khardesh, and Liam take passage from a nearby fishing vessel back to the mainland, and end up at a small fishing town, close to the Dwarven Capital. Their they buy mounts and supplies and head through the wilds towards the Tachterlin Jungle, the home of the Kitari. After navigating the wilds coming close to being trampled by strange mammoth like creatures, and losing their way in the dense forests. They find themselves and the cliffs leading down into the Jungles. Liam has been here before, but they cannot find the one path leading down. After searching for 2 days they finally find it but have lost precious time to get home. Once in the Jungle they find themselves again moving north only to realize that they have gone far afield from their original destination, and find themselves on the border of the Fey-wilds, and the Valdenwold mountains. Once here Liam is positive of their position but night is rapidly coming. They will have to spend a night in the Jungle. While searching for a suitable campsite, Liam feels a sort of presence, sort of like sensing shadows but not quiet. As he was searching this feeling Khardesh see’s over his shoulder too late a nightmarish beast streak out of the forest with astonishing speed and attack his companion. He instantly recognizes these creatures though never before has he seen one, Displacer Beasts! Suddenly Khardesh hears a noise behind him, turning to barely dodge another beasts stabbing tentacle. Quickly the druid shifts into his Wolf form and charges the beast that just lunged for him. Swiping ferociously he tries to knock the beast down, but the quick creature dodges his swipe, with a burst of adrenaline Khardesh tries once more to again lay the creature low with his claws, when he saw his claws sink into the creature and go straight through it. He was surprised. These beasts seemed to be foggy when looking straight at them, and it was near impossible to focus on them. Meanwhile Liam jumps into the shadow of the beast that struck him, reappearing behind the one Khardesh was battling against. Stabbing with his poisoned blade the beast roared in pain and magic that made them hard to see vanished, and Liam seemed to sink into the beasts shadow, becoming a part of it. The 1st beast seeing the Assassin vanish into its mate, runs with blinding speed around and toward the druid again stabbing outside the range of the Wolf with its Tentacles, but the Wolf is able to dodge around. The beast with the Shadow Jacking assassin roars in fury and Bites at the annoying shadow and was able to get it, but its attack seemed not much effect as Liam seemed shadowy and insubstantial. After dodging the blow the Wolf pounces the beast that is easiest to see and savagely tears into it grabbing the beast and holding it down. As the Assassin steps again into the light next to the downed creature he Stabs down again, blade sinking deeply into the creature, and the shadow of the creature seemed to writhe up and hinder it so that it could not move. Quickly the to friends finish off the downed beast, and turn their attention to the remaining beast. After a quick and furious melee the 2nd beast tried to get away in fear, but the druid had a death-grip on the beast, and was in a fury. Not letting go the druid snaps the poor animals neck and the displacer beasts are no more. After this combat the Druid remembers that the hides of these animals are rare and will fetch a good price. Feeling remorse that he did not let the poor creature go, the two adventurers skin the beasts and cook their flesh so their deaths would be for nothing, even though they attacked them first.

After a restless night with not much rest, the two adventurers set out once more, towards the capital of the Kitari home. While they are walking they hear a pitiful braying noise coming from off to the west, a call that seems like an animal in distress. Quickly they go and investigate to find the kit of the two beasts they had slain. Feeling sorry for the creature, and remorse for accidentally killing the last beast. Khardesh picks up the little creature and feeds it some of his food, and takes it with them on their way to the city. After about an hour of journey the two come across an abandoned Kitari village, with nothing to see or get. The two continue on the roads that are now connecting towns. Luckily the two stumble across a band of Kitari Warriors who are wary of them at first until learning of Liam’s family name, Shadowind. Respectfully they tell the two that they are past the battlefront in no-mans land and that they will safely lead them to the Capital. After a long trek that takes most of the day the two find themselves in the Capital. Liam is reunited with his sister Lethan, whom tells him their father is angry that he has been gone so long and that he is summoned to the temple immediately, that some message awaits him. Liam is expecting this after his dreams of Sarai and her begging him to come to her as soon as possible. The druid is found apartments as he cannot go into the temple and Liam continues on towards the temple. There he is reunited with his father, who is angry that Liam has been gone from their home for so long. Liam explains that he did not mean to be gone so long but as an assassin he was duty bound to help the helpless light-forge clan and continued to relate everything that had happened so far. After hearing the story his father is proud of his son, and understands why he has been so long. After a moment his father tells him that there is a message of utmost importance from the Shadow Queen herself! Keltath is scared that his son has somehow offended their deity. After Liam explains he was expecting this he tells his father the dream he had with Sarai (the daughter of the Shadow-queen) and of their betrothal during his trials in the shadow-realm. His father is stunned and awestruck by this news, and hurries Liam towards the chamber to commune with the messenger. Once Liam is in the chamber he sits down to meditate and finds himself falling into the shadow-realm. There he is met by Sarai and after a heartfelt embrace, and touching moment. She relays the message from her mother. The Scath are an unknown to even the shadow-queen, and they want Khardesh and Liam to go talk to Ai an old and powerful being on the edges of the fey-wild that will have the knowledge of this race. The Kitari, Faolon and the Shadow-queen herself wants the Scath to be destroyed, but Sarai wants Liam to save them if he can at least one even. Ai is the only creature that can make this possible, but if they go they will be putting themselves at great risk. Ai is a malevolent trickster and cunning manipulator. It is an ancient being that somehow can be in the shadow-realm and the Physical plane at the same time. He is also called the face stealer because if you show any emotion to this creature it will steal your face and learn your knowledge. After Liam accepts this Sarai begs him to be careful and kisses him before he is pulled back to the real world. Once coming out of the shadow-realm, Liam tells his Father, and the Grand Templar what has transpired and what he must do. His father accepts his story but the Grand Templar is skeptical as he is Jealous of Liam and the interest the shadow-queen has shown in him. He had never been summoned the way Liam was. Liam notices this and tries to soothe him but fails and the Grand Templar sneers and calls him (Favored of the shadow) and storms out of the chamber.

The next morning Khardesh is approached by the Faolon diplomats in city, and they ask him to watch the sly Kitari and make sure they do nothing to harm the Faolon. Khardesh gets the sense that all but one are very slimy individuals. The one that he can trust is a close friend since infancy a Faolon Shaman, that tells him not to listen to the machinations of the others. But tells him that he has seen ‘Signs’ that prophecy is happening and that the wolf gods blood is among them again. Khardesh holds tight to his spear but does not reveal his story to his friend, as he does not trust anybody with that knowledge that he had met the wolf god himself and saved by him, thus becoming one of the very few to ever survive being in the fey-wild for more than a day and the only known mortal to survive the wild for near a week.

After this the two set out to the rough outline Sarai had been able to tell him of where his lair is. While traversing the jungle the two find themselves lost and off course stuck in a bog with night rapidly closing. With moral low the two try to find a way out of the waist deep bog, only to find an old lady walking along a path which see’s the two travelers and helps them out of the bog, and takes them to her cabin. The two see her cabin which looks like a nice place on the outside surrounded by a circle of mushrooms. Everything in the circle is green and healthy looking. The Kitari is wary of the old women, but the Faolon does not seemed too concerned so the Kitari trusts his friends judgment and goes with him into the old woman’s home. With the old women babbling to herself about useless things such as pains and such she offers to make the two travelers some food, after pulling out bread and strange sausage looking links. And then opening some sort of hole in the floor the two adventurers find themselves gagging at the stench coming from the opening as she spoons out some yellowish looking goo onto the food. Asking the two if they are hungry they politely refuse her food trying to find a way to leave. Only to have the old women say “Well if you will not eat, then I WILL” To their astonishment the couch lifted out arms and grabbed the two as the old women turned into a hag in front of them and screamed a noise that left their heads ringing, and pain lancing through their minds. Quickly the Druid breaks free of the couch and lunges after the hag turning into a wolf as he charges. But as he slammed into the creature she seemed to teleport away and out of the house, laying on her back as the blow knocked her down. After she changed the adventurers notice her house in a state of decay they did not see while under her spell. Now they found themselves in a frantic battle for their lives. Only barely overcoming the Hag and her Mimic the two find themselves mending their wounds as they they stay in the glade at night. Even though it was a protection from Good circle it did keep the creatures of the jungle out. After resting up the two find themselves going the direction Ai should be in. Only after many hours of travel they come to an area with Massive trees with small little branches. Seeing a baboon sitting on the ground facing a rock the two slow and watch the creature. It hears them and turns to show them a horrible sight. Where its face should be was only a hole where the creature could breathe and eat from. It starts to frenzy and tries to run away, but runs headfirst into the rock, and tries to scramble away. The two adventurers had found Ai’s lair… As they watched the baboon they hear a soft raspy voice. Welcome to my home… The two turn to find Ai. As it falls from the tree and stands before them. A colossal creature out of Nightmare!



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