Kinship of the High Sons

The Kinship is a order of human “holy” men much along the lines of an inquisition among humans and they hold a prejudice against non-humans.

At the Coming of Man the humans purged the country of Choralon of a massive gathering of goblins and goblin men that was threatening the entire Eastern word. Though victory was won by all (including those of other races) the Kinship claims credit for the victory. They have set themselves up as the saviors of men and treat those of other races as if they owe them something. They bask in the light of their self-proclaimed divinity. Many believed that it was the might of the Kinship that made the goblins flee before them and to this end the Kinship of the High Sons has become the ruling religious authority in the Kingdoms of Choralon. However, they use this authority to usurp power over others and any not of their order or of noble blood are trodden under their boots.

Their order choose new acolytes from among certain families and from among families of those that would gain them a better foothold on the kingdoms’ governments and military.

Priests of the Kinship are clad in robes and cloaks of white, red, and gold. Their symbol is three gold stars in a cluster, representing the three original patriarchs of the Kinship.

Kinship of the High Sons

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