Capital: Mordec
Government: Kingdom, ruled by a Circle of Judges
Religion: Kinship, Korhen, Yllith

Choralon is the realm of Man and claims the entire Northeastern-most peninsula of Evoraen. The realm stretches westward to the border the Eladrin forests, and to south great hills of the dwarven nation of Dim-Bofuur. Choralon was established in the years following the Coming of Man (being only twenty-one years past) and has become known as the Eastern Gate.

The realm is defined by three states: Areice the Eastern land, Pontari the Midland, and Lurek to the West, each governed by a Duke. These lands bear the names of three heroes that gave their lives in the last days of the bondage of Men.

The capital city of Mordec sits high on the coast of eastern Areice. A Circle of Judges rule the kindgom at the foot of an empty throne. The plotting elders of the Kinship have made their way into the ranks of this Circle. For years citizens of the kingdom have felt the booted foot of the Kinship weighing down of their freedom with increasing pressure.

Until the coming of Man, the lands now known as Choralon were the subject of wars and disputes and no one people could ever possess the land for any extended period of time. At the time of the coming of Man, the land was occupied by the largest warband of goblins an goblin-kin ever seen upon the face of the land in 100 years. The goblins were scattered by the combined might of Men and Eladrin.

The land is blessed now that it is occupied by humans; as if the land itself had been prepared for them and was waiting their arrival.

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